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The secret’s out: Japan iPhone craze attracts global app developers

A good read from the AP, featuring several of our clients at Snapp Media and a word or two from yours truly.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Direct MP3 encoding on new m:robe
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In the m:robe MR-F10, Olympus has unleashed yet another flash-based DAP on a rapidly tiring public, although this one appears to bring a little extra to the party by avoiding the crummy interface/design/feature-set pitfalls that competitors have dived headfirst into.

(Via Olympus Japan)

Fujitsu wireless VoIP goodness
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According to the good folk at i-mode Business Strategy, The WiPCom 1000 from Fujitsu spin off Net2-Com is a dual-mode handset capable of doing the VoIP thing either over 802.11b or through a 2G CompactFlash datacard on Japan’s Air H PHS mobile network.

(Via i-mode Business Strategy)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

DoCoMo’s 3G newbies
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Well, it looks like those new handsets we mentioned earlier that Big D unveiled at the launch of its new i-channel push i-mode service are no great shakes.

DoCoMo’s i-channel push service
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We hope you’ll forgive the breathless nature of this post but we’ve only just escaped the madding crowd at NTT DoCoMo’s afternoon session called to announce its new i-channel service designed to bring even more news, sports, and weather information to already harassed i-mode punters in Japan.

Monday, August 01, 2005

NEC’s tough PDA got RFID game
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NEC Infrontia is still flogging the dead horse that is ruggedised PDAs with the release of its Pocket@ iEX, a Windows CE 5.0 unit that can be knocked about with impunity.

(Via NEC Japan)

Takara Walkie Bits turn turtle
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Takara is well known for its innovative approach to high-tech toys and the latest product of its fevered corporate imagination is no exception. The splendidly named Walkie Bits are claimed to be the world’s smallest programmable robots, which we’re not gonna argue with.

(Via Metropolis)

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