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Here we go again - another cliched news story about Japan ‘not getting’ an Apple product

This AFP piece can’t tell whether it wants to be down on the iPad or give it a thumbs-up. Either way, there’s a lot of talking about nothing in particular that’s relevant.

It includes typical regurgitated nonsense like “Japan poses unique challenges that the cool thin slab of 21st Century computing may struggle to overcome….” and “[phones with] connections to pet-feeding machines” in suggesting folk here will be reluctant to buy a tablet computer. Huh?

As for the BS about newspaper sales remaining strong because of “a reporting culture that runs late into the night to nab exclusives,” what utter rot. It’s more about a couple of little things called conservatism and inertia.

Having spent years working as a journalist at some of the biggest newspapers and old-school media organizations in Japan, I think I’m pretty sure about that one!

Speaking personally about the iPad, I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and have never experienced interest like it.

From strangers in the coffee shop or pub to crowds (no kidding) at work flooding in from other departments for a look, this thing is sparking imagination like nothing else. And that’s before anyone even grasps what it’s capable of.

Via news.yahoo.com


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