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NEC develops world’s first 3D simulator for 4G/LTE self-organizing network in Yokohama

Press Release: NEC Develops World’s First 3D Simulator for LTE SON


Barcelona & London, February 15/Tokyo, February 16, 2010 - NEC Corporation (NEC) today announced the development of the world’s first 3-dimensional Self Organizing Network (SON) simulator that checks the feasibility of SON, which is expected to play a key role in the autonomous optimization of networks.

NEC conducted a trial SON simulation for LTE with 25 base stations in a 6-km2 central area of Yokohama, Japan, where it was confirmed that the base stations’ handover configurations were automatically optimized and dropped calls were prevented. It was also confirmed that base station energy consumption was saved, without degrading communication quality, through implementation of an autonomous sleep control that responded to the hour of the day.

SON networks collect and analyze data from operational base stations and user terminals in order to measure the quality of network data, such as radio signal levels and data throughput, and then autonomously adjust configurations, such as transmission power. For mobile network operators, SON networks are expected to significantly reduce the frequency of field surveys, including radio quality tests that require dedicated measurement instruments, and improve network quality.

NEC has developed the “3-dimensional Simulator for LTE SON” in order to verify the effectiveness of SON in urban settings by evaluating LTE system performance amid 3-dimensional radio propagation.

via nec.co.jp


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