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Best English-speaking nail salon in Tokyo

In a move that no one saw coming, Digital World Tokyo is branching out into the analog realm with an actual bricks-and-mortar store. But, it’s not what you might expect—we’ve opened an English-speaking nail salon in Tokyo. No, really—an English-speaking nail salon in Tokyo! Yes—Tomoko Beauty is an English-speaking nail salon in Tokyo for reals. It’s called Tomoko Beauty Kichijoji.

Technically, it’s still digital—fingers are digits, right?—so we’re not taking a leap in the dark. In fact, the salon is run by a nail technician with 20+ years of experience in Japan, the UK, Ireland and the US. Did we mention that it’s an English-speaking nail salon in Tokyo?

Never settle—only the best

Aside from the best nail services anywhere, Tomoko Beauty Kichijoji offers exceptional customer care and nail treatments tailored to exactly what your own nails need—no unsuitable products that leave your nails weak, no inexperienced nailists, nothing but the best. Your nails will look and feel amazing, guaranteed. They’ll be stronger and healthier than you ever thought possible. No other nail salon in Tokyo offers that level of care, never mind an English-speaking nail salon. We also offer specially created nail care programs for musicians’ nails, bartenders’ nails and hospitality workers’ nails. All genders welcome.

Private and safe

Finally, when it comes to why you should switch to Tomoko Beauty Kichijoji, we’re a private salon, designed for the new world we live in—you will never share the salon with another customer, as it’s by appointment only. The salon is just three minutes from Kichijoji Station, which is itself just 15 minutes from both Shinjuku and Shibuya… and it’s an amazing area that’s consistently rated as the capital’s most desirable neighborhood. What’s not to like? Get on over—we’re ready and waiting!

Appointments are by direct message only, using either Line or Facebook—scan the QR code to get started and make your nails amazing! (日本語でもOKです。。。)

(Click here for our Line page if you can’t scan the QR code.)

English menu here!

Japanese site here!

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