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Console war foregone conclusion?


Our colleagues over at GamePro US have an interesting take on the likelihood of the new Xbox winning out over the PS3 in Japan. We’re not giving anything away by revealing that industry insiders are not optimistic. Click on for more.

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA (09/15/2005) – At the moment, the rumor mill is suggesting that Microsoft is on the verge of announcing the worldwide release date of the Xbox 360, which is widely rumored to be available in late November. If the buzz is to believed, we should know more about the launch date this week.

Meanwhile, In Japan, it seems that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will have its work cut out for it.

On Wednesday, Microsoft Chief Xbox Officer Robbie Bach spoke at the Reuters Technology and Telecoms Summit in Tokyo. Bach defended the Xbox 360’s chances against Sony’s PlayStation 3 marketing juggernaut, claiming that surveys showing low interest in the Xbox 360 were not “worth anything.” He also blamed the original Xbox’s failure in Japan on a lack of great games, noting that with the right software, Japanese gamers “would have put a big, black Xbox in the living room.”

According to Bach, Microsoft “learned a lot” from the dismal Japanese Xbox launch is now dedicated to providing the right games for Japanese players.

Analysts, however, aren’t so sure about that. Research conglomerate IDC estimates that Sony will sell over twice as many PS3’s in Japan as Microsoft will sell Xbox 360’s, and that’s even considering that the Xbox 360 will launch at least six months prior to the PS3 and could sell at a lower price. Reuters also quoted Tokyo-based Deutsche Securities analyst Takashi Oya as saying “there is no way [Xbox 360] will come close to the PlayStation,” and that Microsoft should be pleased if it manages to secure a 10 percent hold on the Japanese gaming market.

(Via IDG News Service)

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