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FindTokyo app brings pop-up maps and more to iPhone

In spite of general ill-informed nay-saying about the hardware’s prospects in Japan, the Tokyo-specific iPhone apps keep rolling in thick, fast and creamy, with the latest being a gem from Enfour and Gmap.

Find!TOKYO (we’ll allow you that daft orthography just this once, ok guys?) costs ¥600 or $4.99 at this handy iTunes link and delivers a pretty sophisticated mapping service in English and Japanese to the Apple handset or iPod touch.

It’s packed with pop-up maps from Gmap, links to detailed info and photos of the most popular areas. Best of all, it needs no network connection, so will work in the subway or one of Tokyo’s soulless underground shopping malls.

Here’s a quick summary from the creators, should you need persuading:

* Full scalable Tokyo train and subway map
* Maps of inside the largest stations (ever get lost inside Tokyo Station?)
* Maps of major areas around the city
* Directory with maps of hotels, cinemas, parks, cafes, bars, embassies, etc.
* Navigate to and from the main airports
* All maps are original artwork and designed specifically for this application
* No internet connection required
* External links for additional information regarding specific venues where appropriate

Go get it (iTunes link), kids.

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