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Get your leather and wood fix on with these Japanese iPhone 4 cases

Now that the iPhone 4 is back in stock with Softbank Japan (whaddya mean, you’re still on a waiting list?) our creative friends from Simplism have been in touch with a couple of case/protector suggestions for those of us unwilling to go bareback with Apple’s glassy beauty.

As always, the Simplism craftsmanship ethos pertains – these are quality products that both protect and look great, so I won’t dwell on the aesthetics. Take it as read that these are sweet.

Instead, let’s look at some of the options the Saitama firm offers for iPhone users in Japan and overseas – all available at your local big-box electronics store and online.

My own favorite among the iPhone 4 cases is the Flip Note – ¥2,980 to lend your smartphone that Moleskine look you know it deserves. I particularly liked the peach-wood/leather contrast – definitely an attention-grabber.

On the downside, talking with the phone to your ear while using this case is a little tricky, so it’s definitely one for the speakerphone. No biggie, unless you’re on a train, in which case fold that flip or hit the headphones.

Next, the ¥1,980 Leather Cover Set (top photo), which comes with a screen film and soft wipe cloth – excellent for the price and probably one for the extroverts. Nice textures go a long way. Snakeskin much?

Lastly, if the sideways action of the Flip Note doesn’t suit, there’s always the similarly priced Vertical Flip. Again, we have a leather and wood confection that looks oh-so money.

Like the Flip Note, this one latches closed with a molded plastic mechanism that isn’t as tight as a magnet closure, but I personally don’t think that’s a big deal – it works well – plus, magnets mess with reception and the iPhone compass, we’re told.

One thing that tickled me was the Vertical’s ability to do a reach-around and turn itself into a desk stand for the iPhone – see the pic above for an idea.

Overall, the new iPhone 4 cases add plenty to the Simplism canon and are worth considering if you’re at all interested in standing out from the crowd of Belkins and Bumpers. Or if you’re a brazen attention-hog, right?

(Via Simplism)

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