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Japanese broadcaster’s SHV super resolution makes 1080 high-def look primitive


Anyone feeling an inordinate amount of pride at a newly acquired HD TV might want to stop reading now to avoid the nauseous sensation that hearing about Japan’s next-generation high-definition TV system is sure to induce.

Researchers at NHK (Japan’s public broadcaster) recently wheeled out their Super Hi-Vision (SHV) system to astonished journalists in Tokyo. As Martyn Williams reports, SHV blows current high definition clean away with a knockout 4,320 horizontal and 7,680 vertical lines.

Martyn says, “That’s four times the horizontal and vertical resolution of current HD TV or, put another way, a single Super Hi-Vision image is equivalent to 16 tiled HDTV screens.” Gulp…

The impressive numbers don’t end there – an uncompressed SHV stream weighs a massive 24Gbps, which is impossible to broadcast. Accordingly, NHK has used MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 to squeeze the data into a 128Mbps stream that’s still six times fatter than current HD broadcasts.

Although there’s no word on when SHV will become a working broadcast standard, NHK’s history of innovation (it developed high-definition video in 1969) means we shouldn’t be surprised if we’re all shopping for SHV-compatible TV sets within the next 10 years.

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