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Japanese Java application uses cellphones to stop perverts

That fine organ the Mainichi Daily News has word on a cellphone Java application intended to help women discretely ward off the wandering hands (and, presumably, other parts) of the gropers that plague Japan’s trains.

The ‘Anti Groping’ application is from a games developer known as Takahashi and is currently in the top 10 of mobile downloads. Users who feel the unwelcome intrusion of the friendly neighborhood pervert but who don’t want to make a scene on a crowded train are encouraged to activate the Java app and thrust the phone into the face of the sad freak.

Onscreen phrases like “Excuse me, did you just grope me?” “Groping is a crime,” and “Shall we head to the police?” are supposed to put an end to the assault.

Weird as it may seem, plenty of Japanese people (men are often targeted too) would rather stop the groping quietly than make a fuss - anyone who’s been here for more than a few years will have heard first-hand tales of victims who allow the groper to carry on unhindered, as the embarrassment of causing a scene would be too shameful.

Having said that, we can’t find any trace of Takahashi, nor can we locate the application itself - let us know if you’ve had any more luck.

(Via MDN)

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