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Japanese live-in coffin for the saddest of shut-ins

Take a look at that photo - yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you; and no, you don’t need to do one of those cartoon double-takes on the whiskey bottle in your hand before throwing it over your shoulder. It really is a portable wooden room that is designed to be set up inside another room.

The bizarre jumbo coffin-like My Room II comes from Yamaha Japan and is an update to an earlier model. We’re assuming that means enough crazies in Japan bought the original to make it worth Yamaha’s while making a new version, but, seriously, WTF?

Yamaha says it’s perfect for all sorts of things you won’t want to do outside the box, like in, y’know, the real room, such as singing karaoke, studying, watching TV, working and so on. We can think of one thing they left off that list - uh-huh; hiding from the NHK TV license fee collector.

If you really want one of these air-conditioned, 340kg, 2m-tall wooden boxes, you’ll need to cough up around ¥700,000, which equates to $7,200 right now. Or you could just find somewhere more agreeable to live with the money, we suppose.

(Via Yamaha)

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