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Letter from Canada – Emru Townsend update

Anyone who has been following Emru Townsend’s story of his battle with leukemia will know by now that he got his bone marrow transplant back in September – it was fantastic news.

However, Emru mailed last week to say things haven’t gone to plan and remission didn’t kick in as we all hoped, which sucks in so many ways.

He’s back home now and waiting in the hope that his condition will improve, so I along with the many, many others who know him wish him well and hope for some more positive news soon.

Meanwhile, please check out Emru’s site here, leave a comment and continue to spread the word about bone marrow registries. Unlike gadgets and all that crap, this really matters. Thanks.

Update: Emru died about half an hour ago, near 10pm on November 11. We’ll miss him.

Here’s how his sister Tamu broke the news:

Game over

Emru took his last breath just before 10 pm tonight. He died peacefully surrounded by his family.

He taught me how to live. He taught me how you are supposed to die.

Emru’s name means RESPECT.

Emru, the person, also means compassion, learning, teaching, sharing, love, integrity, honesty, and inspiration.

He taught a lot of people a lot of things, but he spent 2008 teaching people how to reach out to one another in a whole new way. If you carry some of this forward, it will be a year even better spent.

Thank you for being part of his journey.


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