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Making the best Japanese iPhone apps fly worldwide

If you’re an iPhone app developer or know someone who is, then stay tuned for some exciting news…

From early 2010 we’ll be helping creators of the best iPhone and iPod touch applications get themselves heard above the din made by all those fart apps and even worse junk that so often buries the quality apps.

We’ll mainly be working with Japan-based developers to get their work seen in English-speaking markets overseas, but will also be doing the opposite in bringing new apps to Japan and helping them fly here.

Devs or friends of devs who’d like to know more, please get in touch via the contact form and we’ll spill the beans. Confidentially assured if that’s the way you want it at first, BTW.

Oh, and a shout out on Twitter, Facebook or wherever you hang out would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mark…

Update: Our new PR agency, Snapp Media, is live and good to go! Tell us about your app and we’ll take a look to work out the best way to generate downloads aplenty whatever the target market or territory. Yoroshiku…

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