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Man-made photosynthesis looking to change the world

Details are scarce on this one, but sources in Japan are reporting that Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings is seriously engaged in research that aims to move the chemical industry away from oil dependence towards a future based on something altogether more illuminating.

The company, we’re told by the Nikkei newspaper, is developing its own artificial photosynthesis to use sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to “create the carbon building blocks from which resins, plastics and fibers can be synthesized.”

If that doesn’t sound exciting enough, bear in mind that we’re talking about the chemicals that are then used to make most everything we consume, from disposable razors to Xboxes.

So far, Mitsubishi has set up a cleanroom in Yokohama to test the concepts involved and integrated marketing and research to make sure any end result follows a viable business model.

As if to prove it’s serious, Mitsubishi is spending ¥450 billion ($5 billion) through the end of fiscal 2010 on the artificial photosynthesis project that might just change the world. Watch this space.

(Via Nikkei)

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