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Mickey Mouse MP3 player takes iRiver's rep down a notch

Head over to the iRiver Korea site now and you’ll be confronted not with the usual classy-looking audio and video products but by a bunch of artist’s sketches of what appears to be a tacky Mickey Mouse MP3 player.

From what’s on the site, it seems iRiver has actually take the unusual (for an Asian, non-Japanese firm) step of licensing the Disney rat and making a real, honest-to-jeebus official MM player.

The 3cm-tall player appears to have 1GB of memory, making it most likely to be one for the kids, although cutesy-loving Asian women could be suckers for that kinda thing too, especially as it comes in pink (as well as blue, white and black).

The controls look basic and they’d have to be, considering that they’re lodged in Mickey’s ears - right ear twists seem to handle track navigation, while the left lug looks to be for volume. Oddly, the sketches include mention of Wi-Fi too.

Although we have no idea of the name yet, a shadowy insider who just happens to be in Korea today tells us the Mickey player is the real deal and that when he took a look at the thing this morning there was no sign of Wi-Fi. So, no hot wire-free lovin’ with Minnie then?

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