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Paying through the nose for 3rd-party Twitter posts

I work for a UK firm on occasion and so am frequently exposed to the very British style of press releases emanating from those fair isles, which is nice (I’m being kind here).

Most such missives are easy to ignore, but one from twit4hire this morning bears closer scrutiny, especially if you have money to burn.

Starting at just $246 a month, the company will assign a doubtless amazing writer to post – get this – ONE Tweet each weekday to your Twitter account, thereby saving you 45 seconds a shot while you empire-build.

If that’s not enough, there’s the frankly ridiculous option to pay $3,730 for 20 Tweets about your fabulous new services/products every working day.

The brains behind the website explain thus: “Starting with an audience of zero, in the short term only a twit would stop what they’re doing to make the day-by-day / hour-by-hour commitment to microblogging.”

Er, no thanks. Fools, money, etc… I’ll stick to DIY for now.

(Via twit4hire)

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