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Remote workers rejoice as VPN gets speed bump

If you’ve ever had the misfortune to dial into a virtual private network (VPN) for a spot of long-distance telecommuting, you’ll doubtless be overjoyed to hear of a new technique that gives the slowcoach technology a boot up the backside.

The breakthrough is a seemingly simple one from NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories that results in VPN communications four times faster than at present [Subscription link].

According to the white coats at the Japanese telecoms giant, all they had to do was stop the relay devices that connect different parts of the network from decrypting, then re-encrypting, data passing through.

As the new method is completely compatible with the SSL encryption used by any internet browser, there are few barriers to commercial adoption – something NTT reckons will happen within two years.

(Crossposted to TechRadar)

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