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Sanyo cranking up the solar power spend in Japan

The Osaka-based electronics maker will be investing a whopping ¥6 billion ($65 million) to build a new solar cell plant in Kaizuka, Osaka Prefecture.

Production will also be boosted at a plant in Unnan, Shimane Prefecture. Overall, the plan is to bump up the solar goodness from 340 megawatts to 600 by the start of the 2010 business year.

The new plant will be built near an existing plant in Nishikinohama and produce HIT (heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer) photovoltaic cells. In so many words, they’re a more efficient type of cell for converting sunlight into electricity. Panasonic, which has taken on the smaller Sanyo as a subsidiary, will help them with sales.

It’s nice to see solar power getting some more attention.  Sure, it may be in large part because in Europe they’ll pay you now for surplus energy generated from solar cells, but I don’t care if the business world is altruistic or not. As long as they start trending to renewable energy, I’m happy, and so should you be.

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(Via Sanyo)

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