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Sweary Stephen Fry really, really does not like Windows Vista

Strong language warning! Don’t read on if harsh words about innocent software offend you. No, seriously – he’s a potty mouth.

He may be a living national treasure, but – judging by his super sweary Twitter updates this weekend - Stephen Fry could curse for England as well.

The fine, upstanding English gent appears to have been a little unhappy about a close brush with Windows Vista, presumably on a software-review related sortie.

So, it was a joy to tune in this morning to find the following:

“I have nine macs!!!!!! I don’t need another fucking mac. I just want ONE ARSING PC that isn’t complete SHIT”

Then, a few minutes later:

“Too late. It’s going out the window. I can’t put up with this sort of arse.”

Followed by:

“Listen, I have parallels, I have fusion, I have 2 distros of Linux. I need just one, just 1 of cunting Vista so that I can review things.”


“Forgive intemperate language, but every time I buy a PC they’re worse, not better than they were before and it make me so angry I could kill.”

Knows what he likes, that chap… grin

(Via Stephen Fry’s Twitter; much ruder than mine, BTW)

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