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SxS: Sony and SanDisk’s new memory card format


The hope for a single format for flash memory cards, or at least for plenty fewer than there are now, took a blow over the weekend when Sony and SanDisk announced another new medium intended for use mainly in high-definition video cameras.

Going by the name of SxS (pronounded ‘S by S’), the new card isn’t entirely novel in that it is compliant with the existing ExpressCard standard, which itself grew out of the much older PCMCIA/PC card system.

The new card is essentially a solid-state drive (SSD) and will be used in professional video cameras that might otherwise include a spinning hard drive. Initial SxS cards will be offered with either 8GB or 16GB of flash memory, with cameras – such as Sony’s high-end XDCAM HD – set to have two free slots for the media.

When SxS cards become available towards the end of 2007 their high-speed data transfers of up to 800Mbps are sure to appeal to professional news organizations that employ reporters who need to be able to report news, shoot video and edit the footage themselves.

The ability to handle HD TV while remaining light will win SxS plenty of friends, although the reported prices (upwards of $8,000) of the Sony cameras that will use it guarantee consumers won’t have to worry about the new format anytime soon.

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