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USB Humping Dog mod adds memory, eases hump


DWT reader and electronics whizz Dan Gliebe has been kind enough to do us a quick how-to guide detailing a couple of improvements he made to his USB humping dogs recently.

Not only has Dan added a chunk of flash memory to the humpers but he’s also trained them to get down only when there’s some data-transfer activity going on. Dan, take it away:

The Mod: I had this 256MB USB thumb drive that I found in the parking lot at work one night. It was pink. Eww. After I tore it open I found that the circuit board was actually quite small. I even shaved it down in some areas with a file after removing the USB connector. My original goal was to put the USB thumb drive inside a Humping Dog.

To open the dogs, there are three screws all on the dog’s right side; one under a cap on the side, one under his right ear which can be popped off, and one under his right leg. Also the doggy humpy bit, which is held together by a couple pegs and some glue, needs to be pried apart into two pieces. Once I got a glimpse of the inside of the dog it was apparent I was not going to be able to fit the USB thumb drive inside. The Flash chip on the board alone probably wouldn’t fit because it’s so wide. If only the dogs were a little bigger.

I went with Plan B, which was to put the USB drive under the dog externally. I soldered very small wires to the USB drive’s power, USB data, and the access LED traces and ran them through a hole I drilled in the bottom of the dog. To protect the drive’s circuit board I placed it inside a bit of heat shrink tubing and gave it a squeeze.


The electronics: As a bonus I wanted the dog to hump only while data was being transferred. The problem is with this particular USB thumb drive, the LED blinks at a constant rate while it is being accessed. So if I drove the motor with that kind of input he would hump, stop, hump, stop, etc. To fix this I made this circuit from a 555 timer chip and a 2N3904 NPN transistor.

All it does is add about a one-second delay such that if the input pulses stop for more than a second the motor shuts off. Also, even if the drive’s LED stayed on while data was transferring, it probably would not be powerful enough to run the motor directly. Here’s my circuit which takes HIGH (+5V) as input to start the humping:


Finally, once it was all working I soldered all the parts together in a sort of Frankenstein’d piggyback glob that fit into the dog’s head. The heat shrink USB thumb drive fit under the dog’s base as if he were sitting on it and is attached with superglue. I put all the screws back in, and then glued his cap, ear, and butt back together.

Now my humping dog only humps when he feels the need to transfer files.

Here’s the video of it…

You can see my blog post on this here. Also if you like webcams that you can control, check out my cams over here.

— Dan

Update: We’ve been getting a heck of a lot of orders this week and are sorry to say that we’ve run out of dogs for now.

If you can wait about three to five weeks, a new batch is on its way from the factory with the added bonus of packaging in English, making them even better gag gifts or eBay items. Feel free to place your advance order now at the store and we’ll rush it to you when the boat comes in.

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