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We Heart Tokyo friend finder bigger and better than ever

Sure, many of you already know the benefits of our private-label friend-finding site, We Heart Tokyo, but did you know just how much there is going on behind the scenes to make sure every last member finds the perfect match? The numbers are amazing:

1. Over 1,500,000 registered members.

2. Waaaay more than 700,000 photos.

3. More than 300,000 emails exchanged by members every month.

4. Live chat with online members.

5. Advanced search right down to the city level. Redheads in Tokyo? Potheads in East Hampton? You got it. Seriously - it’s amazing how well this feature works. Sure beats the hell out of FaceBook any day.

The basic service is free, so go right ahead and click here or on the animated page corner at the top right and poke around; maybe even stay a while if you like. Naturally, there is a charge for the advanced services, but it’s well worth it if you really do want to meet someone, y’know, special.

Tip - go for the annual membership for best VFM on the matchmaking scene. Oh, and there’s no marketing crap with WHT - just real people living real lives, many of them near you right now.

Don’t take our word for it - what would a buncha geeks know anyway? - go see for yourself; you won’t regret it.

Update: We’ve had a few emails from website owners asking how they can join the network and add a matchmaker to their sites. If you also want to offer your readers something similar, please drop us a line through the form here and we’ll talk turkey.

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