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It had to be done - we’ve moved somewhere more roomy with a far better view! Click here to be redirected to our new store, Tokyo Zakka!

You’ll find plenty more of the good stuff from Japan, including the famous USB Humping Dogs, Gold Ingot USB Hubs and lots more besides. Thanks for dropping by….

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  • Thanks guys—I just ordered three and hope they’ll be with me for Christmas. They should make perfect party gifts grin

    Posted by Rob Stephenson on 06/12/16 at 11:56 PM
    • Best gift ever.

      Posted by Cuneyt on 06/12/17 at 03:59 PM
      • Ordered the set. So cute. Curious on if and how the customs BS will play out.

        Posted by Wet Coyote on 06/12/18 at 01:48 AM
        • Any Idea how these are shipped and when we’ll get them…

          Posted by SWD on 06/12/19 at 04:00 AM
          • SWD: Thanks for your interest. As the owner of http://www.digitalworldtokyo.com I’m doing this in response to reader demand, so am shipping the dogs myself by mail from Japan. They’re going out every day this week, so should arrive in N. America or Europe in 5-7 days.

            Posted by JML on 06/12/19 at 04:46 PM
            • For version 2.0, can you make tie the humping speed into your typing speed? The faster you type, the faster they hump. And maybe make their nose glow as well or something.

              Posted by Mark G on 06/12/20 at 04:28 AM
              • I’d like to recommend to the manufacturer a slight enhancement: make them flash memory devices that hump in response to data transfer.  As friend of mine said “LEDs are so old technology”

                Posted by blmuzzy on 06/12/20 at 04:56 AM
                • I want to know the USB humping dog memory capacity size.

                  Posted by doina on 06/12/21 at 02:34 AM
                  • Doina: It just humps—no memory at all; like a goldfish. wink

                    Posted by JML on 06/12/21 at 02:59 PM
                    • i ordered it today, by when do you think i’ll get it?

                      Posted by yourface on 06/12/23 at 10:38 PM
                      • oh yeah, and how do i know what color i got?

                        Posted by yourface on 06/12/23 at 10:39 PM
                        • Yourface: Thanks for ordering! The shop is closed for the holidays but we’ll ship that order to you after Dec. 29. Shipping to the US and Europe will take 3-7 days after that, depending on where you are…

                          Posted by JML on 06/12/24 at 05:11 PM
                          • Superb service - I thank you for that! grin

                            Posted by Lionel on 07/07/13 at 03:00 AM
                            • i buy pen drive!

                              how much?


                              Posted by Felipe on 07/07/26 at 07:02 PM
                              • do you ship to malaysia?

                                Posted by Darren on 07/09/11 at 02:17 PM
                                • Darren - sure thing; Malaysia works for us grin

                                  Posted by JML on 07/09/17 at 11:37 AM
                                  • Hello,
                                    i want to order 3 of them, but needs different addres to delivered: Brazil. When i pay then it tells Netherlands, but needs send to Brazil. How we can sort this out that it does not get send wrong and how long is delivery time?


                                    Posted by Theo on 07/09/28 at 11:52 AM
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